Serious panic has taken over a community after one of its residents was found stone dead in a most unbelievable manner.
Alfred’s aunts, Mariam Zikhale (left) and Letty Sithole. Photo by Andrew Mkhondo 
A man identified as Alfred Zikhale, has been found dead.
Alfred, a 54-year-year-old man, disappeared from sight some days ago and got his neighbours seriously worried.
However, when a search was conducted, they found him dead inside his wardrobe.
His neighbour and friend, James Mathe (62) from Mamelodi, Tshwane,South Africa, said he last saw him on Wednesday.
“On Thursday morning his tenants told me they hadn’t seen him,” said James. “I was worried because it was unusual for him not to let me know where he was going.

“But on Saturday morning, I saw a man going into Alfred’s house. I had never seen him before and I was worried he was breaking in.
“When I approached him he told me he was one of Alfred’s tenants.”
James said he called other neighbours and they went to investigate. The man led them into the house.
“There was a bad smell coming from the bedroom. We searched the house and discovered Alfred’s decomposing body,” said James.
“His hands, feet and neck were tied up, and he had been burnt in the wardrobe.”
He said other residents beat up the unknown man until he was rescued by the cops.
Alfred’s aunt, Mariam Zikhale, said she believes Alfred was murdered.
Police spokesman Captain Michael Mbewe said an inquest has been opened at Mamelodi cop shop.
He said the man who was beaten by residents was taken to hospital.