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The Touching Story of Little Boy Whose Lip is Growing Too Fast for His Face (Warning: Graphic Photos)

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One-year-old Zimbabwean boy is in desperate need for help. The boy identified as Prosper Mathe suffers from a debilitating facial deformity which is making his lips growing rapidly.
Prosper Mathe was a happy, healthy baby before his parents noticed that his lower lip and tongue was growing rapidly.
Doctors diagnosed him with haemangioma, a benign, non-cancerous tumour of the endothelial cells, but the poor family have no money to pay for an operation.
Prosper’s tongue is so large that it threatens to suffocate him, which forced doctors to cut off the tip. However they were unwilling to operate on his lower lip unless the family paid, Dailymail reports.
According to his mother Moditor Shoko and father, Gilfred Mathe, they are very worried and desperately in need of help. They have no money and cannot foot the bills.
His father said that after failing to find doctors that could help them in Zimbabwe, they moved to South Africa but had been unable to come up with the cash needed for the treatment.
They have found a hospital in township of Tembisa in Gauteng Province, in north-east South Africa, willing to carryout an operation to save the little boy and the amount is £1,300 which they can’t afford.
A local Tembisan journalist Jantji Ngwenyama who broke the story hopes that people would help save the life of the little boy.

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