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Watch Furious Robert Mugabe Threatens to Punch Interviewer for Asking About His Retirement Plans

A local newsman incurred the wrath of 92-year-old president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe by asking him about his retirement plans. The answer was just as epic as the question.
In an extraordinary on-air outburst broadcast on state television, the controversial leader took exception to the presenter’s questions about his future.
When asked about grooming a potential successor, Mugabe responded: “Why? I’m still here? Why do you want a successor?
“Do you want me to floor you with a punch for you to feel I’m still there?”
The crew behind the camera can be heard laughing, and Mugabe himself cackles to suggest it was all a joke.
Mugabe has led Zimbabwe since its formation in 1980 from the remains of white-ruled Rhodesia and has said he is not yet ready to step down. His people live in abject poverty while the elite enjoy extravagant lifestyle.
Watch the video below:


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