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Wife Gives Shocking Answer To Husband’s Question, ‘Have You Ever Cheated On Me?’ Her Answer Will Really Stun You…..


“Martha, it’s been 50 years since we are together. I’ve got to know something. Have you ever been unfaithful to me?”

“Henry, I’ve got to be honest. Yes, I cheated on you three times, but I had good reasons for that”

A man asked his wife if she ever had been unfaithful to him. He didn't expect to hear the answer!

Henry was embarrased. His wife’s words obviously hurt him.

“I didn’t even suspect. So, what were the “good reasons”?”

“The first time was very soon after wedding. Do you remember? We failed to pay mortgage for our little house and hearly lost it. That evening I went to a banker, and the next day we got a notice and our loan term was extended”

Henry reimagined it and said,

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“So, you saved our house. I can forgive you. And what was the second time?”

“You were seriously ill back then, and we had too little money to pay for heart surgery. I went to a surgeon and he carried out an operation for free, as you remember”

Henry made a long face.

“I remember. You saved my life, so, I forgive you. Now, tell me about the third time”

“OK. You wanted to become the president of the golf-club, but lacked 73 votes. Do you remember?”

Henry passed out…

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