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Shocking: Woman Strangles Baby Minutes After Giving Birth, Dumps Corpse In Pit Toilet (Video)


A wicked mother has been nabbed after she strangled her new born baby and dumped the body in a latrine.

A Kenya woman has caused serious consternation ans shock after it was discovered that she strangled her new born baby few minutes after giving birth and threw the body into a pit toilet.

The gory incident which happened in Nadbibi in the Nyeri county of the east African country, was reported by KTN News, which had the woman’s neighbours in tears, with some causing her.

The news report has it that the woman, a mother of two, said she was not ready to raise a third child, so she had to murder the infant.

According to the Naivasha sub-county assistant Commissioner, John Opondo, two women had since been arrested and locked at Kongoni Police Station.

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Opondo described the act as wicked and disturbing as he stated that the body of the minor had since been collected from the latrine and taken to the local mortuary. Opondo said the minor was strangled using a piece of cloth, adding that the suspects claimed the baby died during the birth process.

“They claim that they were using a piece of cloth to pull out the minor, who had gotten stuck during birth, when the incident occurred,” he said.

 But Opondo said the story from the two suspects did not add up, noting that the main suspect had in the past complained that she was uncomfortable with the pregnancy and wanted to get rid of it.

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