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Omg! School kids caught in the act on school trip!!


Two h_orny students out on a school trip in Durban shocked fellow schoolmates when they started bo_nking at a bench in Durban’s Botanical Gardens where they had gone for an excursion.

The two, who are believed to be in grade 11 are said to have hooked up and do the did, prompting other students to records and cheer them on. It is also believed alcohol played a role in the delinquent behavior as one student said they had sneaked in some booze into their hotel at the beach front the night before.

One teacher who spoke to LiveMonitor said the two would face disciplinary action as soon as they go back to Mpumalanga where they are located. “We came for a school trip for 5 days here in Durban and these kids have shamed us as a school. I can not believe what they did. To make matters worse, the girl in the video is the principal’s daughter”.

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Video of the scene started circulating in the school’s WhatsApp groups before being eventually leaked to the public at large.

The teacher also added that they would enforce more stringent measures for the duration of the trip to make sure something like this does not happen again

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