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WTH!! Woman Caught With Boyfriend ‘Doing It’ While Her Husband Laid Critically Sick In Hospital!


A married woman has been caught in her matrimonial bed having a steamy morning s*x with her boyfriend while abandoning her husband who laid critically down with tuberculosis, Syphilis and HIV in a hospital.According to source,she was caught right in the act by her ailing husband’s cousin on Sunday last week.

The woman denied having anything to do with her husband John claiming that they have been living together since 2009 of which he didn’t pay a dime for her bride price.
She said, “We were cohabiting since 2009 and along the way I met my boyfriend Simon. He is my boyfriend and I love him. People can say what they want, but that is it and it is true.
“I have visited his family and I invited him last Wednesday because I wanted someone around. John’s cousin has been told that there is a man staying here by one of the neighbors. “He then popped up unexpectedly and caught us red-handed. I do not know what will happen, but I cannot regret falling for a man capable of taking good care of me.” The woman was subsequently sent packing with her lover.

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