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Buhari Can Send Me On Assignments,’ Former President Says

Buhari - Jonathan

Former president, Goodluck Jonathan has said that President Muhammadu Buhari can send him on national assignments if he so desires.

Jonathan made the comment while being interviewed during a ceremony recently organized by the Diplomatic Circle in Geneva, Switzerland.

Read excerpts of the interview, as published by Vanguard below:

On the alleged diversion of the $2.1 billion arms purchase fund

I would have loved to speak extensively on this issue because even back home, I read in the papers where a few people said that President Jonathan should add his voice to this controversial issue. But you know, in our country, there are laws.

When a matter is already in a court of law, the people who had one thing or the other to do with the matter are not expected to make comments  because such would be considered as sub-judice.

As a former President, any comment I make at this point would affect the witnesses and ongoing proceedings in court and I would be going against the law of my country.

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So I will not make any comments at this point until all these are sorted out. But definitely I will speak on it. But one thing I will want Nigerians to know is that we had issues in the country.

Working with the present Government

I am the former President and I cannot throw myself on the new Government.   It depends on the assignment the current President decides to give me and also. If I have the capacity to carry out such assignment.

He is our President and can decide to send people on assignments based on national interest. When I was in office, I used to give assignments to former presidents and that is how it has always been.

I am free to work for my country and in deed for any other African president that considers my service valuable.

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