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Ali Modu Sherriff’s Convention List the Worst in PDP’s History as Youths Gear Up for Showdown Today

Ali Modu Sheriff speacking, Ali Modu Sheriff,
Following the the inclusion of only one person below the age of 45 in the list of over 300 persons nominated into 4 convention committees, Youths within the PDP are squaring up for a final showdown with Senator Modu Sheriff and his gang.

According to a report on TheCable News, youths of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have protested their exclusion from the various committees set up by the national chairman of the party, Ali Modu Sheriff,
Describing the convention list which comprises serving governors and senators as the worst in the history of the PDP, the youths called on the party leadership to make provisions for them in the committees, adding that their roles in defending the party should not be taken for granted, and rebuilding of the PDP cannot be done behind them.
An official statement issued by concerned PDP youth read;
“We wish to unmistakably state that these lists as composed without substantial inclusion of the youths are unacceptable and injurious to the rebuilding of the party.

“By our findings, we dare say that this is the worst composition of committees in the history of the PDP as far as the youths are concerned without any genuine representation. It shows a clear lack of concern for the youths and in every aspect contravenes the recommendations of the PDP 2015 post election review report chaired by Senator Ike Ekweremadu deputy president of the senate, which identified the need to improve participation of young people in party structures and functions.

“Bearing in mind the young constitute over 60% of party members in all strata, both national and subnational.

“This latest action has violated the basic democratic principles of youth integration and inclusion in the party and of which the PDP has identified with overtime. The present should be about making progress and not going backwards.

“We wish to remind the national chairman that if not for the youths in the PDP and their supporters nationwide, the current autocratic leadership in the country could have totally decimated the party. But we stood our grounds against threat and intimidation to defend the party day and night. The chairman must be properly briefed on the roles the youth have been playing, including sticking out our neck and staking our reputation to salvage the party.

“This is not how to reward loyalty and sacrifice by PDP Youths. This not how to show appreciation to the unflinching support the youths have offered the party. We therefore call on the chairman and members of the national working committee (NWC) to make an urgent amend to this painful oversight. And we henceforth, demand fair representation in all the activities of the party.

“The youths are very strategic to the future of the party and it rebuilding activities. We will support the present leadership of the party to achieve greatness and a successful convention. We are also ready to contribute our own hard earned resources to strengthen the party. We are committed to a better PDP.”
The committees, which are national convention, reconciliation, zoning and finance, will be inaugurated by Sheriff at the party’s headquarters in Abuja on Tuesday.
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