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‘Buhari lacks the capacity to rule Nigeria’ – Professor Nwabueze


Professor Ben Nwabueze, a renowed Lawyer and President of the Patriots, a
revered group of Elder statesmen in Nigeria, says President Buhari
lacks the intellectual capacity to rule a complex country like Nigeria.
Nwabueze said this in an interview with The Sun newspaper.

“I do not think that it is a question of not being prepared. Don’t
forget that the 2015 election was his fourth time of contesting, of
making an attempt at being President. He tried to be president for 12
years. So, he had more than enough time to prepare himself if he had the
capacity. So, it is not that he was not prepared. The fact is that he
lacks the
capacity to govern as the problems are beyond him.
Even if you give him 20 years to prepare, it would
still be beyond his capacity. Nigeria is a very complex country. I have
told you before, that we have 389 ethnic nationalities. The complexities
and the issues involved in ruling such a country are huge. Leading such
a complex country is an intellectual issue and Buhari does not have the
intellectual capacity to comprehend what it means to govern the
country”he said


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