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Buhari’s Bodyguards Allege Security Threat, Complain About Cabals in Govt


President Muhammadu Buhari’s bodyguards have issued a statement protesting their “exclusion” by those they described as “cabals in the government,” Punch says.

Weeping profusely, the bodyguards said they, who protected the president throughout the 2015 elections, have been marginalized. They said they haven’t been given anything apart from the N20,000 they got on two occasions in January and February 2015.

They said some cabals who did not work for Buhari “have hijacked the President,” and that many key actors in the government “are now reaping where they did not sow.”

At a press briefing addressed by their spokesperson, Olabiyi Balogun, and three other members, Audu Odemeho, Abdullahi Hassan and Zubairu Idris, the group warned that their marginalisation constituted a security threat to the country.

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“Definitely, it is not just our exclusion that is a security threat to the country. Anything that will deny any man his dues and legitimate rights can be concluded to mean a security threat because when you don’t get your dues and what is rightly due for you, then you are opened to a lot of temptations. So, we are indeed a security threat.”

“Right now, we need Mr. President to appreciate our hard work for him. We need Mr. President to recognise the fact that we have lost everything because we championed the change agenda.

Members of the Presidential Bodyguards, put at over 100 personnel, were reportedly drawn from the security and protocol departments and the Buhari Support Organisation.

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