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How Many People will President Buhari fight? – Gani Adams


National Coordinator of the Oodua People’s Congress, Gani Adams, has preferred solutions on how President Muhammadu Buhari can tackle Niger Delta insurgency.

Speaking during an interview session with PUNCH, Adams said, ”The government should negotiate with them on the basis of restructuring. You cannot use force to solve the problem. How many people will President Muhammadu Buhari fight? There are a lot of groups agitating in the Niger Delta and in the North-East, and Boko Haram is still there. In the North-Central, the issue of Fulani and the middle belt people is there. Kidnapping is becoming rampant in the South-West.

”The issue of Fulani herdsmen invading farmlands is also rampant in the South-West and that of pipeline vandals is also becoming serious here. So how many fights can the government take on at the same time with the use of force? Assuming the Niger Delta Avengers were not from the area that controls the main source of our income, the President would not have cared. I’m very sure of that. Inasmuch as he can pay salaries, he will not care about what is happening in that region. He is a person that will not want to swallow his pride. For us to move forward and reduce the agitations for secession, the President should abide by the rule of law. Then he should use restructuring to negotiate.

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