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Nigerians Criticize The First Lady For Dressing In An ‘Un-Islamic Way’ (Picture)

Aisha Buhari

Some Nigerians are not at all happy with the First Lady of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari over her choice of outfit on her arrival to the United States of America on Thursday. A fraction of her followers on Facebook expressed their anger that she chose to dress in an un-Islamic manner as she visited the world’s most powerful country for the first time since becoming the First Lady of Nigeria.

A survey of comments by her fans showed that they are not at all happy with the skirt suit she was wearing, even though it was ankle-length and she also had her head covered. One fan, Ibrahaem Audu Saeedu said, “This is not the way to dress, @wife of the president.

Decency tells the personality of a person. Maybe you need to emulate Turai and wife of former vice president. How do you preach decency, pls? I am highly disappointed that my daughters have considered you a role model.” “Aisha you are really disappointing Islam and Nigeria in general…..what a dress mode that even Dame patience has never practice on arrival back home…..Buhari should take measures,” said another fan named Engr Alkali Muktar. But Aisha was not without support from other fans who feel that what she wore was decent enough and that she deserved her privacy.

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Aisha Buhari rocking her designer bag

 Aisha buhari outfit “My muslim brothers and sisters should come reality that Aisha Buhari the wife of Sultan of Sokoto, Sheikh Gumi or Lamido Sanusi who are Ameers. Her husband is a President of a secular state. Debate on their policies and leave their personal lives for them. They are entitled to it,” Ajoge Naseer Sanni said. Another fan named Hadiza Abubakar Onimisi said, “I knew the holier than thou people must talk. Chaii! Kilode? Can you people see better things to talk of? She is not the Sultan wife or an imam wife. She is the president’s wife, plus I am sure that her husband must have seen her dress like that before she took off. So what’s your own?

Let’s learn to stop this religious I too know before it kills us all. Haba!”  Aisha touched down in the US for a visit several weeks after Ekiti state governor, Ayodele Fayose dared her to visit the country because of her being allegedly wanted in US for involvement in the infamous Haliburton scandal.

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