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#OndoElection: Why You Should Vote For Ondo APGA Candidate, Hon. Adeyemi Alao This Saturday

Hon. Adeyemi Alao

Vote for the man that doesn’t have any political favours to repay to political Shylocks. He can’t be bought, bribed, threatened or coerced. He has no political godfather to repay. He can be trusted not to amass public funds for his own personal use.
If he didn’t do it when he was in the State House of Assembly or when he was the Commissioner for Justice, then you can be rest assured that he will protect the trust and confidence you repose in him. He WILL NOT misuse taxpayers funds.
For years, you gave corrupt politicians your vote…and they bled Ondo State’s purse dry. What did you get in return? Unemployment, unpaid salaries, Bad roads, lack of a transport system, lack of security, lack of electricity, lack of portable water, etc.

Mandela once said that effective leadership requires vision, humility and openness; they provide a model for all heads of state and government to follow worldwide. Before you vote, you need to know who you are voting for so that you don’t get any surprises!

Below are 5 reasons you should vote for Hon. Adeyemi Alao:
1. Hon. Adeyemi Alao is a finance expert who has successfully served in several private and public enterprises. He is familiar with the socio-political and economic conditions of Ondo state.

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2. He has many years of exceptional service as a lawyer. He has the legal expertise to push effective legislation and work hand-in-hand with the Legislature. In 2004, he was elected into Ondo State House of Assembly, where he represented Akoko NE.

3. He has the expertise to work hand in hand with the Judiciary having served as the Honorable Commissioner for Justice in Ondo State.

4. He is an effective leader, a man of integrity and honour, who is passionate about education, youth and development, social infrastructure, health care, security and providing an enabling environment for all to thrive.

5. He’s the most credible of the candidates. He doesn’t have a political Godfather that will hold Ondo state to ransom and demand that he should repay all the election favours, as the case with Nigerian politicians.
Cast your vote for the future and the type of leadership you desire to see in Ondo state. Cast your vote for Hon. Adeyemi Alao and be a part of an historic time in Ondo


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