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President Buhari, Osinbajo at the 8th Bola Tinubu Colloquium (Photos)

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President Buhari, osibanjo, others attended the 8th Bola Tinubu Colloquium at the International Conference Centre Abuja on 29th March 2016…

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1 Comment

  1. Vincent London

    March 31, 2016 at 5:20 am

    Tinubu: Nigeria Must Get Her Economy Right as if he is the first to say it – read on!

    [“This has set us on critical path to our salvation and recovery. I want to thank himmost sincerely for finding time to preside over a birthday that would have been
    ordinary. Just a year ago when the parties were merged and formed into APC, the
    only birthday wish I requested and prayed for was that we will achieve victory
    in that poll and that wish was granted and I want to thank all Nigerians for that.
    Conspicuously absent at the colloquium which had almost all the big wigs in the APC were the Senate President, Senator Bukola Saraki and Speaker House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara.]

    Just to remind Nigerians that Tunde Idiagbon proposed in the 1984 – 85, improvement of the primary Industries, which no doubt embodies agriculture and other ‘allieds’, in place of the IMF’s devaluation of Naira and all that worth not in the SAP policy! So, it isn’t that Nigeria did not have people thinking but the fact is that when they are advised how many take to the advice, folks? Tunde Idiagbo said if you improved/invested heavy in agriculture being part of the primary industries that early, given time your Secondary Industries will grow and will be reliant on the primary ones but then how many Nigerians understood him? At the time he proposed this incorporating trade by batter, which Ghana adopted for their own INF’s ‘conditionalities’, there was still plenty of crude oil in Nigeria but see where we are today – no refinery and we keep importing fuel cup in hand, as it were! I am saying, we hope that all those who defected to now form the merger as Tinubu rightly stated it, will now make their minds up not to decamp again by 2019 even if the programmes fail to show commendable results as Buhari has said himself – you must have patient this time in Nigeria because programmes take time to mature! I am saying therefore, or by this statement by the President, to be able to keep them in check the Constitution amendment Committee must close the loophole in the Constitution about cross-carpet or we may have the same experience as we did in 2014 and in 20155! We pray that Nigerians will by the change ‘mantra’, accept to give the administration time to prove something in Nigeria this time. In addition I am urging the administration to consider my definition about budget and also try to use/ apply the recommendation for PC Sum Contracts, BMC, and D.C. Technique as these are proven ways applied in budgetary procedures and will no doubt help you people in the present circumstances having also been a proponent of the (TSA) policy!

    Sadly and or unfortunately Nigerian leaders appear not to be abreat of all that is happening within their spahere of office to be able to know whom to use in solving some of the problems in Nigeria! Thus, how many times have I mentioned or raised the issue about my contributions for Nigeria ranging from: –
    1) Need for a Common pool approach to Way and Means for your Budgetary procedures first in 1988/00, in 1993 for Chief Ernest Shoneka’s Interim Administration and for the present on the correspondence dated 4th June 2015!
    2) Need for a National Orientation programme and establishment foof national guardsmen (as in vigilante groups in Towns and Villages) to help the police force in the L.Gs. to check on possible infiltrators for Nigeria (at least to help in the tracking of insurgency problems) early as 1992 before handover exercise.
    3) Your monthly environmental sanitation exercise refer to my correspondence to Dr. R.O. Ojikutu of Federal Ministry of Housing and Environment in Lagos – 17/1/80 – Ref; AES; 21/289/II, folks!
    4) Option A-4 and all the adjuncts including the PVC reader machine which you can find on page 161 of my book with the Federal authority given to it in 2005 and acknowledged by OBJ’s administration! It was first handed to IBB’s administration a 5 copies delivered to the School of Int. Policies and Strategic Studies at Kuru – Jos, in 1992 – the books have not been paid for yet!
    5) Now your TSA in my correspondence to the President Buhari dated 4th Jun 2015. And
    6) The more important my New solution to help you solve the problems about political leadership and participation of women as possible leaders for Nigeria left by hand at the offices of both the SGF and the Senate President on 2nd Fe, 2015 in ABUJA! From the trends in Nigeria – a commonplace, it is not unlikely that they could have seen the benefits/ advantages in the new solution part of it is the cost benefit and the stakeholder effect – at least as a new submission, before you know what is going on, somebody may decide to lay claim/ownership of it!

    Funny enough and critical too all these solutions or contributions precede the policy pronouncements by government in Nigeria yet, Vincent is not seen or heard of in any of the Agencies or Ad-hocs in Nigeria – they use my solutions hiring their friends and relations and persons like Asewaju Bola Tinubu and OBJ gallivanting and bluffing you people in Nigeria! For your information I am making publication of these for the public domain with of course the dates when they were submitted and as such should not come to you as a surprise!

    Talking about the absence of both Speaker and Senate President they probably taking the view that Saraki was arraigned for the alleged crime he is being tried at tne CCT why should Asewaju Bola Tinubu be exempted and it is not surprising Saraki’s people in Kwara State are now agitating that the law is being applied discriminately on their son – a dilemma for the administration!

    All the above is to show how you’re not doing what is needful in Nigeria and they are all verifiable I. e. if you want to otherwise, they are true facts! It is not surprising that you are not achieving much because those who gave you the solutions are not allowed to participate in the implementations of the solutions and, as the innovators of the concepts in time of confusion, hiccups or problems in the applications, they – i. e. as the innovators, will intervene or be called in to unravel the problems posed as nature had bequeathed such ideas to them! Those you hire because they are not privy to the concept of the solution cannot unravel the hiccups – they will all be (have been) fishing about by trial and errors, which no doubt cost you a lot in lives lost and financially, as we have seen it in the INEC case (exemplified) in Kogi, Bayels and in River States elections!

    What is happening in Nigeria is that: You’re lured by the leaders publicly soliciting for solutions from Nigerians to submit your compatible ideas or solutions to solve social and political problems in Nigeria and when you do that they run with such solutions appointing their friends to use or apply your ideas and you don’t hear anymore from the administrations or the leadership – incidentally (behold) Nigeria is a member – signatory to the Protection for Int. Intellectual Property Organization – a Body set up to protect intellectual properties – i. e. copyrights of people! Here is a typical infraction to the Law and nobody is saying anything about my complaints! It is sad and I cannot stay idly by and let my copyrights be submerge, torpedoed or underminned in the way and manner it is happening or happened in Nigeria, folks!

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