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“There’s no Sign Nigeria has a President” – Cardinal Onaiyekan Blasts Buhari

Cardinal John Onaiyekan

According to prominent Nigerian cleric Cardinal John Onaiyekan, President Muhammadu Buhari is a national embarrassment to Nigeria.

“There is no sign that Nigeria has the president. The problem President Buhari has is that many Nigerians want to continue as they were doing before and they want everybody else to change, but not themselves,” he stated according to a report from The Herald.

“Democracy is all about the rule of law. Three times he has disobeyed court orders in less than a year in office. Disobedience to court orders by those who should protect and ensure its compliance slides the Nation to anarchy,” the Abuja Archbishop said.

“It is wrong to undermine the Constitution of Nigeria which is the bases of the Nigerian nation and expects people not to resist such via protesting. For those supporting president can you please justify why he has refused to obey court orders?

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The prominent cleric added: “My dear President Buhari, it will be in the best interest of the nation that you obey court orders and apologize to the nation for the embarrassments you have caused us which have led to peaceful demonstrations in virtually major parts of Southern Nigeria.

“You should in the best interest of the nation set up a truth and reconciliation committee and compensate families of those killed. You should have obeyed as ordered by the court; ask your DSS to obey court orders, release Nnamdi Kanu and tender an unreserved apology to him for the embarrassments you have caused him, his wife, family, and millions of his followers by detaining him and infringing on his rights without good reason.” he added.

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