According to Gbolahan the alleged money was transferred in 2014 while he stopped working there in 2013. He however described the report has been silly because all the money he used to acquire properties in three different countries including Nigeria came through the blessings of God and pure hard work. When asked to respond to a report by Sahara Reporters that he bought a house in 2014 as soon as the funds were transferred to Sylvan McNamara, Gbolahan told a Punch correspondent that;

“And this house, according to Sahara Reporters, also is a hideout. It’s just silly. I bought a house in the United Kingdom in 2008. I built my house in Nigeria in 2010 and I opted to buy a house in the United States in 2014 during which period my wife had our third child. My focus for almost a decade has always been on business and the private sector and not politics. Continue…

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“I have been working hard and I have been fortunate to run a successful business. So it is definitely not out of place for me, and it is most certainly not a crime to buy a house. I’m truly grateful to Almighty Allah for all he has bestowed on me and my family.”

The businessman also denied being a director in the said company at the said company.

Gbolahan said, “I am not and was never a director of this company and neither am I a signatory to its account or any other account related to the entity. My involvement with this company ended as far back as 2013 before all these things happened and before my father was even appointed as a minister.

“So, any dealings that transpired after that did not involve me. The bank is available to confirm who the signatories to the account are, and the Corporate Affairs Commission is also available to confirm who the directors of the company are. I am positive the authorities, if they are investigating this matter, will discover this.”