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19-Year-Old Nigerian Guy is Feeling Suicidal Because of His Small Manh00d

Manhood boy

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l was just wondering is it possible for a manhood to grow after puberty.I mean im 19 now ,and going to be 20 in a few months, i have seen this mentioned somehwere before, but not sure is it possible for me to add at least a little but more length or girth maybe. or maybe you guys heard of cases when guys manhood were still growing in their early 20′? maybe there is some thing i can take, or some kind of exercises that i can do to maybe help this process, not like manhood enlargement pills cuz i know those really don’t work. let me just say im about 3″ hard right now, and let me tell you its killing me.

Sometimes when i think about this, i think maybe i should kill myself and end this now, im not really suicidal or mentally ill, im perfectly sane i just feel like i dont really have anything to live for, i mean no matter how successfull i might be in life or how much i will achieve, i will always have a small manhood, and will never be able to really satisfy a girl, crap is just up and i dont know what to do.

If there is really nothing i can do about my manhood maybe i will just shoot myself, am in my final year now and i dont know if all these years of study really worth it. right now im hoping to find something that will help me with my size. anyway i think i wrote too much, really looking forward to see what you people think.

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