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This Is Why You Should Always Pay PROST!TUTES As Agreed; A Case Of A Legon Boy

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After my graduation ceremony at Legon, my friend and I decided to spend the day out. He suggested Jerry’s, a joint at East Legon. It was actually my first time there.  We had had a lot to drink at Legon Hall’s Tym Out but we still got a table at Jerry’s and a couple of sticks to smoke on. If you have ever been to that joint, you’d admit to how the prostitutes relate to people there.We had our jackets on(it’s graduation, you know). They jumped onto our table because they thought we were rich. Me for instance, I had only 80cedi or so on me but I started negotiating with them. One was taking 150cedi for the night and I asked for how much the two of them were gonna take. We settled on 250cedi and the other one left for when we were ready to leave. This girl sat on my lap in the open, took her hand into my pants and started pulling my cock. As drunk as I was, I came before I could realize what was going one. Right there in the open and in my new trousers. Don’t ask me how I had planned to pay them because I doubt I was thinking when I came up with that idea. Now, my bubble is no more and I’m expected to conserve the helium. I tried all I could to lose this girl but no! She knew her way around the place, I try the bathroom and she is with me in there. All this while my friend was just drinking and smoking his lungs out with another prostitute. I finally had to suck it up and confess that I don’t intend to take her home. Hell broke loose and she argued that I was leaving her because she made me cum. I changed my accent and started acting like a Beninese who did not fear anything( charm-wise). I stepped out of Jerry’s and before I could realize, the prostitute had imported a dozen Bawuleshi boys who were speaking their Hausa, jabbing me and pushing me around like a baby. One slapped me from behind and that red eye is still visible -it has been two years. My friend tried to talk her prostitute friend into helping me but it was too late. I started explaining my point to anyone who would listen but no, these guys were high as the sky. At this point, the dozen beer and shots were out of my system. There was no going back and I could have sworn I saw that bright light they talk about. Hell, I even saw my dead grand papa. I thought of running but the thought escaped as a vapour because I knew the guys definitely knew the area better than I did. They  picked me -I did not know how much but I manage to hand my phone and the rest of the money to my friend. The girls agreed to take 50 and even at that I was still acting up. I had spent everything at Jerry’s. My friend called one other friend from Madina who had a car and spoke Hausa. Thirty minutes into my near death experience, he was there and started speaking to the guys, I got into his Corolla and said Psalm 23 followed by The Grace. Life as it is! He dropped us at Okponglo and we walked to campus where I perched one of my campus friends. Guys, never negotiate with a prostitute and not pay. If she is a KUMASI prostitute, she will curse you. If she is a Ga prostitute, she won’t let you leave-her  tone alone is going to cause thunder to strike. If she is Takoradi prostitute, my friend you are doomed.

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