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APGA is the Next Party to Rule Nigeria – Hon. Alao


Hon. Adeyemi Alao, Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) emerged as candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) for the November 26th Governorship election in Ondo State.

Dn. Samson Olalere, who was the Electoral Committee Chairman for the primary, announced the result that declared Hon. Adeyemi Alao(SAN) as winner and candidate of the party.

“Having score the highest votes and met the conditions attached, I hereby declare Hon. Francis Adeyemi Alao as the winner and Ondo APGA governorship candidate,” he said.

He gave the antecedent and background to the candidature of Hon. Adeyemi Alao. He said, the certificate of return is very importance as evidence that Hon. Alao is the candidate of All Progressive Grand Alliance in the November election in Ondo State.

Hon. Adeyemi Alao

Hon. Francis Adeyemi Alao receiving the certificate of return from Dn. Samson Olalere, the Electoral Committee Chairman.

Further more, he said the primary was conducted and there is someone that has the similar high votes according to the primary but there are rules and regulations for any contest. Hon. Alao is the only candidate that was qualified to stand for that primary.

The conditions attached to the qualification includes: evidence of belonging to the party in the form of waiver when coming from another party and obtaining the nomination form. No candidate can fly the flag of the party without obtaining the nomination form of that party. It was discovered that those conditions were not met as at the time of conducting the primary by Mr. Adegbite which shows that he was not qualified.

In the spirit of fairness and just play, we allow the primaries to go ahead and after the primary, we gave room of 48 hours that the two conditions can be met to qualify Mr. Adegbite because he partook in the primaries and have higher votes but he could not meet up with the conditions. Then, we contacted Hon. Alao who took part in that primaries, partook from the beginning to the end and it was discovered that prior to that time, he has also obtained the nomination form of our party. He was contacted that he was returned as the candidate of our party. Honorably, he accepted and went to fulfill all the conditions in Abuja.

Hon. Adeyemi Alao

L-R: Hon. Prince Niran Toyin, Ondo State Party Chairman (APGA), Hon.(Barr.) Adeyemi Alao and Dn. Samson Olalere, Election Committee Chairman.

Those conditions that have not been met led to the failure of not issuing the certificate after the election that day and it is a pre-condition for the election.

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Having fulfilled all the conditions required, he’s qualified to fly the flag of APGA in the gubernatorial election on November 26th in Ondo State.

In the light of the above mentioned, all the 110 votes that were returned that day belongs to Hon. Francis Adeyemi Alao. Because, Prince Samuel Ayodeji Adegbite was not qualified to stand for election at the primaries. Therefore, whatever votes he got there, belongs to the only aspirant that fulfilled the conditions and that was what is on the result sheet as signed by the both agents”.

In his acceptance speech, Hon. Alao appreciated the electoral committee and the delegates for the free, fair and credible primary election that saw his emergence as the party’s candidate for the Nov.26 governorship election.

He said, “I thank God for the opportunity to contest under the banner of a dynamic party, a party that is not tainted with corruption, a party that is forward looking, and which shall form the government of Ondo state on 24th February, 2017.”

“I thank the National Chairman, National Working Committee and everybody in the APGA family for counting me worthy and having confidence in me to contest under the platform of APGA.”

Hon. Adeyemi Alao

L-R: Hon. Prince Niran Toyin, Ondo State Party Chairman (APGA), Dn. Samson Olalere, Election Committee Chairman and Hon.(Barr.) Adeyemi Alao

“Having taken a decision to leave my formal party PDP, I was resolved and determined and focused that APGA is the next party that will rule this nation (Nigeria) and starting from Ondo State, we know that we can do it together”.

He further said, “I want to assure you that by the grace of Almighty God, I will carry the banner of the party with honor and dignity. With utmost integrity and by the grace of God, we’ll establish a government that is first among it’s equal in this nation. It shall be in the fear of God and the utmost benefits of the masses. We’ve had lots of government that are self centered but I want to begin a paradigm shift and let people know that when you have the fear of God in you, you can make a world of difference that the generations unborn will see as reference point”.

“It is to the greatest honor and humility that I accept this offer to contest under the platform of the All Progressive Grand Alliance in Ondo State in the fourth-coming election”.

“Today our great party has produced candidate for governorship election in Ondo State.

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