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Barber And Cohorts Arrested For Allegedly Robbing Sister


The Lagos State Police Command have arrested a 21-year-old barber, John Ige Damilola and his cohorts for allegedly robbing his elder sister and her husband in Ijoko area of the state.

John however, claimed not to be part of the operation when asked to give his statement.

“I was not part of the robbery operation. I am not the gang leader. I operate a barbing saloon in front of my sister’s building.

“One of those who attacked and robbed my sister and in-law is my customer. My barbing shop is in the same building where my sister lives, but I do not live there,” the suspect who was paraded alongside a car dealer added

“I could not speak out because they informed me of their intentions. They came around 9p.m. But I closed my barbing saloon at about 7p.m. that day. I was arrested because the people that came to rob my sister and her husband implicated me.”

According to reports, the suspect was said to be at the scene of the operation on that fateful night, but did not go inside the house. His gang members defiled the maid and almost defiled his elder sister. They left her because she was pregnant.

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The car dealer in his own statement said he was not part of the robbery but got to know the car they brought to him was stolen when the police came to arrest him at his shop.

“My name is David Chibuike, aged 27. I am from Abia State. “I did not know the vehicle was stolen. I do not know John. I know Moses, the person who brought the vehicle to my car mart,” he said.

“The first time I met John was the day they brought the vehicle to me to sell. It was on that same day that I called the naval personnel to come and buy the vehicle.

“I told him I was going to sell the vehicle, a Lexus 350, for N2.2 million. He disappeared with the car without paying me.

“After some weeks, policemen arrested one of the robbers. They asked them where the vehicle was. That was when they came and arrested me.

“I explained to the policemen what happened and later the policemen were able to trace the stolen car to a person that bought it from the navy man. They did not give me any money,” he stated.

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