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Beauty Queen, Miss Curvy Nigerian Spotted Hawking Tomatoes At The Market (Photos)

Kogi newly crowned Queen Nimat Siaka who was delegated Miss Curvy Nigeria Tourism towards the end of her national youth service year in October 2015.

November 29th 2016 was her birthday and to observe, Nimat sold tomatoes at the market for her shoot. As indicated by her, she respected and support peddlers since they are the most vital arrangement of individuals: the unnoticed, the underestimated, and the overlooked MIGHTY ones we Nigerians overlook so effectively.

Read what she wrote below:
A taste of a well sweetened cake and a sip of fine tasty wine I crave. To be showered with flamboyant gifts and surrounded by the high and mighty, did I imagine. To be celebrated in front pages of newspapers, magazines, blogs, surely crossed my mind. But the reality is, it’s not now. It’s GONNA HAPPEN sooner and in the FULLNESS OF TIME…
I will get there not by hook or by crook but by work, by impact and by influence…
I shall not be desperate; I shall not be intimidated; I shall not be stopped; I will thread where no path has crossed; I shall break new grounds; I will chart a new course.
I will follow my passion… & on this note*** Today (my most treasured day) I choose to identify with the most important set of people: the unnoticed, the undervalued, and the under-appreciated MIGHTY ones we forget so easily. I mean the market women- the petty traders, the hawkers.
I choose to honour and encourage those who dedicate their time and life in bringing home-breed, locally-sourced fresh food items into our markets. They go through the pains of hawking goods, bringing them closer to us. Even when we underprice their goods, insult them they remain upbeat.
One good thing about them is they never stopped believing, they never stopped being positive about life. They will tell you “akuku daa l’ojo kan”. They never stopped dreaming big even from their small but honest hustles.
I know “lojokan” by dint of hard work they are going to raise kings and queens- children that will take them from the street to the throne! Their gifted hands will make room for them. Their stories will sure one day be from tomatoes to thrones… *** BE INSPIRED*** …
Happy birthday to me!!

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