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Education Secretary Demands Feeding Money


The education secretary in charge of on local government in Kaduna has demanded that the food vendors who supply food to primary schools in the local government to remit a day’s worth of money to him.

The Education Secretary in charge of Sanga Local Government Area of Kaduna State has allegedly asked all food vendors engaged by the government to supply food to primary schools in the area to remit some money to him.

Alhaji Ibrahim Deyebu, according to residents, told all the primary schools food vendors that the state government has asked him to collect one day money from the weekly food being supplied to the pupils.

Pulse gathered that Sanga LGA has a total number of about 182 schools with every food vendor spending between N6000 and N8000 for the feeding of the children on week days.  “Most of the food vendors had remitted the money to the Education Secretary but others raised an alarm on the matter” a resident of the area who provides charity services in one of the schools told Pulse.

Another resident in Karshi who confirmed the issue also said that after they have submitted their money to the Education Secretary, the money was later refunded to them on the instruction of Kaduna State Education Commissioner. “From what we had, the commissioner has summoned the Education Secretary on the matter. Many of the schools food vendor submitted a day money to him. We don’t know what they are planning to do with the money” Joshua Makama said.

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Reacting on the matter, the Education Secretary, Alhaji Ibrahim Deyebu said only vendors who failed to supply food to the children were asked to refund the money. Deyebu said the money were asked to be paid in a bank which some adhered to but others failed.

Let me tell you, in Sanga LGA alone, over N2 million have been refunded to the government by vendors who failed to supply food to the kids. The only issue I had was a particular woman who failed to pay her money in the Bank. I collected the money and paid into the Kaduna State government account. I have the tellers with me. When I returned to Karshi, I will give her the teller. We don’t want them to remit money to us in cash” Deyebu


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