A man has reportedly transformed into a tricycle (Keke Napep) in the Pedro range of Shomolu, Lagos state, subsequent to being compelled to get a key which he dropped out and about. As per an online networking client who shared the mind boggling story, the man had addressed a young man and had requested that he get the key which he (the man) tossed on the floor, yet the kid won’t.

The man was said to have insisted but the boy refused picking the key up. This got the attention of the people and the man was said to have told everyone who cared to listen that the boy was being disrespectful. But the crowd forced the man to pick his key up by himself and the unexpected happened.
This is a real life incidence and anyone in doubt can go to the Pedro police station to ascertain the authencity of this post. When the man’s wife was called to the station, she said her husband comes home everyday with a brand new tricycle and gives it to people on higher purchase and she didn’t know where he got them from.