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Warning! Graphic Photos of Armed Robbers Killed at Ikirun, Osun State

Robber 1
The gallant efforts by the combined team of policemen and vigilante group have resulted in the capture and killing of armed robbers who robbed three banks in Osun state.

This is what was left of armed-robbers who came to rob three banks (Skye, Union and First bank) in Ikirun, Osun State yesterday (Friday) around 4pm.
It was reported that vigilantes and Policemen responded at the right time leading to the death of some of the robbers and some captured.
Some innocent people were however killed by the robbers and some were wounded during the robbery.
A social media user on Nairaland by the name pjamas said:
“it was a terrible moment when i heard countless noise of dynamite from the back of our house here in ikirun, I initially didn’t take it serious until I looked through the window to see people running for their lives. Immediately i picked up my phone to call the emergency and thank God for the fast response. It was like watching a movie after the arrival of the police as battle began and seem like it was the end for the people of Ikirun, sky bank and first bank were the target as the security operative inside the armored tank went to have his lunch, the armed robbers came in asap. But thank God for using the police and the vigilantes to Save Us today. It would have gotten worst than this with their bombs. it was a terrible day!”
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