Being married should never bring one’s life to an end. It is pathetic to see many women giving up on their lives as soon as they start to have kids. 

Nursing mother raps while taking care of her baby

Many ladies in the society look older than their ages because of their activities after childbirth. They see being married as the end of the world and they do not bother about the way they look anymore.

Motherhood means a lot of things for many women. Some ladies see it as the perfect time of their lives where they get to start a family and pick up other projects.

The nursing mother seen in this post is definitely moving on with life. Like many brave women, she is not ready to give up on herself and her talents even though she has a baby to tend to.

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Nursing mother raps while taking care of her baby

There are lots of mothers who can multitask in addition to having families. This young nursing mother was seen rapping while taking care of her child.

Being talented is something you cannot shake off. This nursing mother could not help being herself and doing her thing while taking care of her child. She rapped beautifully you will not want the video to end.

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