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Jetheights Launches Nigeria’s Biggest E-learning Platform, ‘’


The Nigerian initiative e-learning portal launches site. At we believe education is a powerful tool in today’s technology-driven and fast-paced world. We believe in creating a world where everyone has access to knowledge and learning. We want to provide opportunities which everyone can gain through education.

Instructors are given an opportunity to impact and earn while learners have access to subsidized online courses. is powered by Jetheights.

The dwindling state of education in most African countries coupled with students truancy propelled the initiator to come up with a strategy of redeeming educational standard with the mission of providing quality education through affordable online tutorial services. The core competencies of tutors are subject-based teaching, having solid experience in conducting lessons in classrooms or through distance learning programs. provide high quality of education through modules based on a specific subject or skill with a small price tag. It foster group discussions and help create relationships with the students. nurture the thirst for knowledge – and this speaks true of what it value most, learning.

TeachmeNg is a team of dedicated, hardworking and reliable tutors who place learning above everything else. TeachmeNg was formed as a response to the growing need for non-traditional learning that promotes self-discovery, knowledge construction, group-based discussions, transformational and independent learning, which is beneficial to students who want to exercise their flexibility and options on what to learn.


While speaking with the press, the initiator, Mr Ayo Alex Alao, also the CEO of Jetheights Services Ltd said that provides you with the simplest and cost effective way to learn and become a master of new skills from anywhere around the world. Our mission is to help anyone learn anything.

He then uses the opportunity to employ the prospective tutors to apply as all is set for the lecture.


He further gave the benefits of to prospective tutors:

Earn Certification Revenue; Reach Millions of Learners and Digitize your Content

Our e-learning experts have years of experience developing and repurposing content for the web. If you have got quality content in traditional media, we can help prepare it for a new life online.


Moreover, with online content available 24/7, use Study Groups free to cater for different learning styles in the classroom with ease. With, the world is your classroom!


TEACHME NIGERIA’s main source of income comes from the advertisements appearing on the courses, allowing her to provide some of her courses for free.

More so, TEACHME NIGERIA Certificates and Diplomas are only awarded upon course completion with a score of 70% or more. This is to a higher standard than traditional Educational Institutes.

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The prospective tutor must possess the following requirements which is an added advantage; Online education instructors must have a vast knowledge of their content and must know how to help learners develop an understanding of content in a distant environment.; An online instructor needs to understand how the intersection of technology, pedagogy, and content can provide meaningful learning experiences for learners; who exhibit skills of self-direction and time management that enhance their efficacy as online instructors; and who understand the importance of and have the skills to provide active facilitation and technology-mediated support.; Instructors must be able to  work to establish a welcoming presence, set a tone that encourages reflection and inquiry, broaden and deepen online communication, assess both individual and group learning and interactions, make critical judgments about whether and how well participants are gaining content-specific knowledge; Online discussions are often the “tie that binds” a collection of individual learners into a collaborative learning community. Without such discussions the learning opportunity becomes a solo endeavour and opportunities for deeper learning is lost.

Therefore, an instructor of any course/courses on TEACHMENG must be able to communicate effectively with their students, this practice is a very critical element in the coherence of online groups, since an online instructor’s response time can either bridge the virtual distance between the instructor and students or deepen it. Online instructors should be able to provide the right amount of support and pressure via the technology available (IM, phone, e-mail) on an ongoing basis for their students.

On the other hand, the also has a platform for celebrities as instructors. The celebrities must possess the following; Must be a well-recognized icon in any industrymust have at least 100,000 followers on any of the social media platforms like facebook, whatsapp, twitter,  instagrame.t.c and must be an expert in at least one niche of specialization.


He said that celebrities, just like instructors stand to gain some benefits from which includes; Opportunity to reach out to millions of people at a time; A celebrity can earn millions by creating courses on TeachMe and while teaching can be fun, our celebrities also stand a chance to earn extra income Monthly, which will be discussed in details in our revenue sharing document.

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Ossai Philip

Senior Editor

Jetheights Services Ltd


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