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Journalist Ahmad Salkida Calls For An Apology From FG For Declaring Him Wanted


Journalist Ahmad Salkida surrendered himself to the Army but was released after questioning. He took to Twitter to criticize government officials for associating his name with terrorism.

 Nigerian journalist, Ahmad Salkida is demanding an apology from the Federal Government of Nigeria after he was declared wanted in connection with the release of a Boko Haram video.


Ahmad Salkida @ContactSalkida

You declared me wanted, charge me to court, if I am guilty of any crime, don’t apologize to me in private or spare me. Apologize publicly!

If you trade your rights and the rights of others just bcz you are in Govt or support Govt, one day, you and your friends in Govt will leave

I’m not only angry bcz of the injustice done me, I’m angry bcz I can’t work, move freely, in & out of Nigeria to support my family anymore.

How I wish I can explain to my little kids age 2+ to 13, why I can’t go home and why they can’t see as yet. There is simply NO explanation.

The stigma of being associated with terrorism is worse than that of HIV/Aids, it’s even worse when you are unjustly linked with terrorism.

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