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Just After A Big Fight, Wife Left Husband….. See What Happened Afterwards

wife leaves husband

At the beginning of this story, you’ll probably recognize yourself. A husband came back home after work, tired, and started watching TV. A wife was trying to put children to bed. Annoyed father, thinking he’s sick and tired of all this, added some volume not to hear babies’  cry. Obviously, the wife reacted, she stung a remark. Eventually, they started arguing. She reproached him for not helping her with the kids.

The husband yelled she does nothing from day to day when he’s working his ass off. In the end, crying wife ran away to her parents. 2 days since she received a letter. “My darling, I am so sorry for my behavior. When you left, I got to think what had just happened and how it is to be a Mother. I tried to put kids to sleep. Eventually, I succeed.

When you didn’t return in the morning I took a day off and did everything you usually do. I was busy all the time, hadn’t had a minute to sit and relax. I just kept cooking, feeding kids, changing kids’ clothes, playing with them, cleaning the house. There were moments I had to do all those things at the same time! I’ve been locked in my own home for the whole day, hadn’t had a chance to talk to someone who’d be older 10 y.o. Now I understand it, you sacrifice all your free time to take care of kids.

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The next day was the same, for the first time I lived without you 2 days and 1 night. For this time I realized lots of things and understood the most important thing. It finally hit me, how tired are you at the end of the day. I understood that being a Mother is to always sacrifice. And it’s way harder than working at the office for 10 hours. I understood, that being a Mother is the most responsible duty! But, unfortunately, no one value this, no one cherishes this… I wrote this letter not just to say I’m sorry and I miss you. I want to tell you every day how great you are. You are incredibly brave, the wealth of our family depends on you. I admire you!”

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