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Mrs Oruru: Kano Youths Were Promised Cars, Houses If They Captured and Converted Christian Girls to Islam

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Mrs Rose Oruru, mother of abducted Bayelsa girl, Ese Oruru has revealed that Kano youths were promised salaries, cars and houses if they captured and converted Christian girls to Islam.

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Mrs Oruru made the disclosure while speaking with SUN NEWS during an exclusive interview on her daughter’s abduction and subsequent rescue.

When asked about her trip to Kano, she said, ”When we arrived Kano, I had to spend the night in the house of the boy that took me there, because we arrived very late in the night at past 12 midnight. The next day, we proceeded on the search for Ese.

”Before we arrived Kano, I had received a call from my daughter, asking me where we were and I told her we were close to Abuja. She advised me to stop at Abuja and spend the night with my sister, as according to her, they would kill me if I came to Kano that night. She said they had taken her photograph and converted her to Islam and wore her the hijab because the emir, Sanusi, promised them that anybody that brought a Christian girl from another state and converted her to Islam would be rewarded with money, given a house, jeep and earn a salary, among other goodies. She said all the people were celebrating with Yinusa. Still on our way, the man who was taking me to Kano got a call and told me it was Yinusa, but that I should not mind him.

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”In Kano, in the morning, I asked him to take me to the parent of Yellow, but he said we would first go to the house of the chief and that when we get there the chief would hand over my daughter and we would leave Kano the next day. When we got to the chief’s house, the boy narrated why he came with me and the chief was so angry and started abusing him. I knew he was abusing him because he spoke little English and Hausa. At that point, I got on my knees and pleaded with him to help me because my husband had driven me out of the house, asking me never to come back until I produced his daughter. He called me useless woman and asked which child did I keep here, that my child has been converted to Islam and I will never see her again”.

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