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Kidnappers Of Ifesinachi Ani Sneak Her To Enugu


The 14 year-old SS-2 student of Government Secondary School, Apo Resettlement, Ifesinachi Ani, who was abducted about six months ago and convert­ed to Islam, has been taken to the Central Police Station, Uwani, Enu­gu by her abductors.

The AUTHORITY newspapers have been running a series of news reports on this unfortunate teenag­er, who is among several other girls from the South East and other parts of the country, who were abduct­ed, taken to the north and convert­ed to Islam.

Among the news break on the girl were our reports that she was first taken to Zaria, before she was taken to Kano, and according to linkman to the abductors, one Baba Abdul, currently in the custody of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police Command, Ifesinachi was “sold to scouts” of a controversial Emir in the North West.

The AUTHORITY also pub­lished the telephone numbers of her suspected abductors, spoke with them and published our di­alogue with them over the mat­ter. The newspaper equally serial­ized other developments regarding the missing girl, who was proved to have been converted to Islam and adorned in Hijab by her abductors.

The AUTHORITY newspapers similarly published the photograph and other evidence to prove that the abductors do not just have Ifesin­achi in their custody, but are oper­ating “an abduction school” aimed primarily for the conversion and radicalization of their abductees.

Following strident publication of issues regarding the missing girl, her abductors, last weekend, decid­ed on their own, to take the girl to Enugu State, where she hails from and not to Abuja, where they ab­ducted her.
The person detailed to “quiet­ly sneak Ifesinachi to her parents”, providentially landed at the Cen­tral Police Station, Uwani, Enu­gu, ostensibly afraid that if he took the girl to her home town, Amaw­chi Awkunanaw, Enugu South Lo­cal Government Area, he might be molested.

Just last Friday, Ifesinachi and her abductors, telephoned Ifesin­achi’s mother, Rachael Ani, a wid­ow and okpa hawker, to lambast her over the decision to take the issue of her daugher’s abduction to the public domain through The AUTHORITY newspapers.
When they called Mrs. Ani, they stated: “We don’t know why you decided to make life difficult for us my taking this matter to The AUTHORITY newspapers. Your daughter will return next week (this week). But please, don’t make the issue public else, we shall deal with you”.

Ifesinachi who was allowed to speak to her mother but under the influence of her abductors, equal­ly complained over the decision to make the matter public and prom­ised to return.

Unknown to the mother, her daughter was somewhere around Enugu, but they were only trying to get a lid to enable them know how to handle the issue. This was how they took the decision to report at the Central Police Station and seek police protection.

Although the Police Public Re­lations Officer (PPRO) of the Enu­gu Police Command, Ebere Am­arizu claimed ignorance of the development, The AUTHORITY spoke with the Ifesinachi, her ab­ductor, the lady who first spoke with us the first time we started the investigation and also the step-fa­ther to Ifesinachi, who all con­firmed that the girl and her abduc­tors are at the Police station.

This reporter also informed the Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Solomon Arase and the Commis­sioner of Police for the FCT, Mr. Wilson Inalegu, intimating them of the development and asking them to act fast and bring the cul­prits to book.

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Investigations carried out by The AUTHORITY on Sunday, have revealed that Ifesinachi’s abductors are bold, daring and appear to be a well-funded syndicate. It was also discov¬ered that the primary aim of the group is to abduct and con­vert to Islam, as many teenagers as possible from Christian-dominated ethnic groups in Nigeria, for hand­some reward. The act is carried out through all forms of subterfuge, in­cluding deceit, hypnotism and fet­ish methods.

In this particular case, The AU­THORITY on Sunday pointed at a combination of these factors. This is because, Ifesinachi’s moth­er told the Editorial Board of The AUTHORITY that a self-styled Islamic teacher who lives near her residence at the Apo Resettlement Area of Abuja, simply called Baba Abdul, used some seemingly dia­bolical method to lure her daugh­ter to himself and in a jiffy, changed her character.

According to her, “immediately my daughter came in contact with this Baba Abdul who stays near us, her attitude changed suddenly. I could no longer understand the character of my child. She started to tell lies and disrespect me to the extent that I almost went mad. It was four days before they took my daughter away from us that I dis­covered what was happening”.

Recall that the Editorial Board of The AUTHORITY had two weeks ago called the abductors through one of the three tele­phone numbers provided by Mrs. Ani, and a female voice at the oth­er end said we should stop bother­ing about her.
The telephone numbers used by the abductors are: 08060598215, 08081170324, 07038310025. All these lines are still going through up till now.

The AUTHORITY on Sun­day dialed telephone number 08060598215, and asked one of the reporters who speaks Hausa language fluently to interview the receiver. A woman picked the call. Reproduced below is the transcript of our discussion with her then:

Wom-an: Who are you?

AUTHORITY: My name is (undisclosed) from Abuja.
Woman: What do you want?

AUTHORITY: I want to know the well-being of this lady, Ifesin­achi.
Woman: You said you name is (undisclosed) and you are asking of the well-being of If¬esinachi? Why do you want to know about her?

AUTHORITY: Is she alright?
Woman: She is ok. Who are you to Ifesinachi? You that is a Muslim, why are you asking about her? Are you a Mus¬lim or you just borrowed the name and put on your neck?

AUTHORITY: I am a friend to her uncle.
Woman: You as a Muslim, are you in support that they bring her back?

AUTHORITY: (Played along) I am not in support of bringing her back, but we just want to know if she is alright?

Woman: If she is not alright, her parents could have heard of it since. You as a Muslim, don’t you know what it means for other tribes to convert to Islam? If truly you are a Muslim, you should know the re­ward involved in all this. Also, as a Muslim that you claim you are, do you think Muslims will allow the girl to be ill-treated or cheat­ed? Please stop pretending, you are not a Muslim”.

Further calls put to the tele­phone numbers were still go-ing through up till the time of filing this report.

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