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PHOTO: Lady Who Accused Ex-Boyfriend Of Rituals, Fraud, Apologizes

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A few days ago, a young lady who goes by the name Motunrayo Hermeenat Mustapha, caused a sensation when she took to her Instagram page to accuse a man believed to be her ex-boyfriend, of being a ritualist and a notorious fraudster and also planning to run out of the country to Dubai.

Motunrayo finally apologizes to Abiodun Akinlawon

The young man in question, Abiodun Abdullahi Akinlawon, did not take the accusation  and invited the police to arrest her after many Nigerians called for him to be arrested and prosecuted.

Motunrayo was arrested and even at the police station, she insisted that she had recordings of Akinlawon telling her he would use her for rituals. She also posted on her Instagram page that Akinlawon had bribed the police to arrest and detain her but in a video posted on Akinlawon’s Facebook page shortly after, Motunrayo is seen denying saying she had any recording indicting him, as well as apologizing for what he did.

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Here is what transpired between them:

Abiodun Akinlawon: “I heard people say you claimed I have bribed the Nigerian police to arrest you.”

Motunrayo Hermeenat Mustapha: “There is nothing like that.”

Abiodun Akinlawon: “So why are you blackmailing me?”

Motunrayo Hermeenat Mustapha: “I’m sorry about everything. Please forgive me.”

Beware, blackmail does not pay!

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