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Lady dumps boyfriend because he bought her 500k economy ticket to Dubai instead of Business class!!


A Whatsapp chat between two homies about a greedy Nigerian girl has gone viral.

One guy asked his pal why he and his girl broke up. While trying to explain, the dude shared a story of how his girlfriend was ungrateful for the N500, 000 Economy class ticket to Dubai he sent to her. She demanded that he should have gone for the Business Class ticket at least.

He expressed his anger that she was so unappreciative of his effort and the amount of money he gave to her.


The screenshot of the chat has been garnering thousands of responses from a lot of people with most taking the side of the broken-hearted dude.

Some ladies comforted the dude by mentioning that a lot of girls would be grateful for such a guy. One commenter said, “Lord Jesus!! Where will I see such a man? Choi! Some people should just be grateful for what they have cos others out there are suffering big time.”

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What do you think? Should the guy have done more or is the girl simply too greedy?

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