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Shocking: How A Lady Shamed Lagos Govt. Staff After She Reported A Discovered Dead Body (PHOTO)

A woman has exposed and shamed some of the Lagos state government staff’s laziness and negligence to dispatch their official duties after she reported a discovered dead body at the Muri Okunola roundabout in Victoria Island.
Below is how she narrated the ugly incidence on Instagram;
“Today I have shed tears. On my way to a meeting about 11.20am. By Muri okunola roundabout. There is a dead boy on the roundabout. At first I thought it was a child sleeping in the rain, I told the driver to stop and walked towards him only to be told that he is dead and he had been dead since yesterday. 
“The people around notified eti- osa local government. Whose local council is not too far from this incidence and no one. Absolutely no one attended to his corpse. The boy is still left on the roundabout. And when I confronted the staff of the local government. They were laughing and laughing as if the death of a boy was irrelevant! 
“What kind of Nigeria is this?? This is against health and safety to leave a dead corpse laying about! What is going on?? I have video evidence of how the staff of eti- Osa handled my confrontation. 
“The eti-Osa council is about 3 mins walk from where the dead corpse is laying! And they had been notified 24 hours prior and nobody did anything. They ignored the boy. His poor family may be going crazy looking for him, and he is laying dead. 
“Not to mention the state I saw him on the roundabout. This is absolutely ridiculous! What is Nigeria’s position on health, safety and environment??? How can a dead body lay on a popular roundabout in Lagos for more than 24 hours. Cars are still driving by and everyone is acting like it’s not their business!”
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