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OMG! Man Cuts Wife’s Bre@st, Slices Off His Own Manh**d After Accusing Her of Affair With His Brother (Photos)

Knife with blood, bloody knife
A distraught man seized a knife and hacked off his wife’s breast before cutting off his own penis because his wife’s cheating ways.

The victim, Margaret
A 24-year-old man, Duncan Moseti, allegedly hacked off his wife’s breast and and then sliced off his own penis on Valentine’s Day after accusing her of cheating with his brother.
Duncan attacked his wife Margaret with a knife as she lay sleeping and threatened to kill their baby, before cutting off his manhood and throwing it out the window, it was reported.
20-year-old Margaret said she was woken up by a pain in her chest and saw her husband bending over her with a knife.
She said: “At around 3am, I woke up after I felt a sharp pain in my chest. On checking, I saw my husband cutting my left breast with a knife.
“I pushed him away and screamed for help. He then threatened to kill our baby. She fled to neighbours for help and when they returned they found Duncan lying in a pool of blood.”
The accusations came after the couple, who have been married for two years, moved in with Moseti’s brother, George a week ago. The mother, who has a one-year-old girl, said she had been confronted by her husband the night before about the suspected affair.
George pictured in hospital with his sister-in-law, Margaret
Speaking from her hospital bed, Margaret added: “He said he had reliable information that I was having an affair with his brother.
“He told me to leave him and get married to his brother since he was more financially stable, adding that he would do something that would make us all regret in our lives.”
Moseti is now “stable” in hospital following reconstructive surgery to let him pass urine.
Senior nurse Gladys Wanjau of Thika Level 5 Hospital, in Thika in Kenya, said: “His private parts cannot be re-attached back to their place since he took long to get medical attention from the time he chopped them off.”
Police are understood to be waiting to quiz Moseti, who sells sugarcane. However, Margaret was out of danger, she added.
Moseti’s brother George has denied having an affair with Margaret.
According to him: “The allegations are malicious and mere propaganda. It is a taboo in my culture to sleep with my brother’s wife. I only wanted to help them as family members when I invited them to come over.”

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