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Man Wanted to see 50 People at his Wedding, but only 15 Showed up…and Here’s why

Wedding ceremony

A young man was planning his wedding. The couple was swamped with preparations, so the groom had to ask his father for help.

“Dad, I have a favor to ask of you. I don’t have the time to do this, so can you call all my friends and invite them to the wedding? Here is the list.”

“Sure thing, son.”

At the day of the wedding the indignant son approaches his father.

“Dad, I asked you to call all my friends!”

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“That’s what I did.”

“There were 50 names on the list, but only 15 are here!”

“Son, I called everyone, every single one on that list. I told all 50 the same thing: that I was calling on your behalf, that you were going through a hard time and needed some help and support. Then I asked them to come to this place at this time. So don’t you worry, son, all of your friends are right here with you.”

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