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Missing Moon, Missing Budget, Pray Nigeria Doesn’t Miss One Day – Nigerians Scorn


Despite the earlier prediction of Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NMA) that an Eclipse of the Sun would be experienced in the country today, citizens have expressed their surprise over the absence of the anticipated annular eclipse as at 12 noon, in Lagos.

They are asking what went wrong with the prediction.

Below are the tweets:

MJ awesomeee @MJawesomeee

Thought dey said eclipse supposd 2 go down b4 10am 2day… it scared of buhari dat it doesn’t wanna manifest in naija?

Evan★ ModeEva ★ Ify @Mo_DeEva

That was how I did not see d ECLIPSE oo… they lied to me


It’s my birth month, the eclipse is seen… what better way to kick off the month. Hallelujah #solareclipse

Uchechukwu Obiakor @iamekwurekwu

Missing moon
Missing eclipse
Missing budget
Make Nigeria no miss one day o.

Clive Chetty @Clive_Chetty

Help please: Does any1 know how use an IPhone to look at or take a photo of the solar eclipse…#ShutUp I’m slow

jonathan @jon_amler

solar eclipse? what solar eclipse? i live in cape town

Na so we no see eclipse o…

Eclipse of the nothing happened here today

My memory is not the sharpest but after the last eclipse ddnt these scientists say the next one was only gon be seen by our grand children

Lol so the eclipse ain’t happening ??

@genius_ish not the twilight shining bright like diamonds kind the deadly kind. So yeah I got to shut my eyes at 4, subhi came like a bih

Muhammad Buhari @Buharibawa

@genius_ish prayed and waited for the eclipse. I got the shades from aboniki, he has everything. Yeah so how was yours? Night I mean.

NAIJA AFFAIRS @akinbadejohnson

Contrary to predictions no eclipse of d sun was observed in my area.

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