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“MMM Pays, The Scam Is Government With ‘Scam Change'” – Nigerians Slam Buhari After CBN Declares MMM As Scam


The declaration of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) that Mavrodi Money (MMM) is a big scam has not gone down well with many Nigerians.

Indeed, the federal government and the apex bank have come under heavy fire for putting Nigerians in such a precarious position that a Ponzi scheme like MMM appears so attractive.

A cross-section of Nigerians who vented their anger on social media said the government should cover its face in shame for not being able to take care of its citizens.

Others feel that the risks CBN said the MMM posed, while real, was all right with them because they would rather put their money into a scheme that gives them return on investments than in banks where the money even goes missing for many reasons.

See their reactions below:

Chidinma Uba You want to stop MMM but you can’t stop our leaders looting our economy dry,you people just want to see poor masses suffer but since MMM is helping them you’re angry, go hang yourself MMM pays…the scam is government with scam change

Iheanyi Daniel Enwerem Though i don’t know much about MMM ,but the little I know is that they are far more decent and straightforward than Buhari and criminal minded Emefiele and Adeosun..Period, Nigeria is not good under the eyes of this three mumus

Generalseb Bankz *Those criticizing MMM will Regret for Late Registration- says Engr Joseph(Member Stock Broker in Nigeria).* read: Am Engr Joseph from Imo state, I was one of the best Stock Brokers in Nigeria before I left as the economy keeps nosediving and in an irr…See more

Samson Anyanwu I remember the Gold package Company that came into Nigeria around 2008 and folded 2010.. They are just like MMM.. Many people were making huge profit back then and even my Aunt benefitted from it.. But guess what? It collapsed and people lost their life savings.. Nigerians should be careful with this so called MMM.. It will hit them hard soon.

Progress Godfrey Let mmm decide to pay tax to the federal govt then you’ll never hear them talk again… Pool is not scam, nairabet is not scam, commercial banks using our money to enrich themselves alone in the disguise of saving it is not scam.

Awopeju Abiodun After my house foundation almost complete you are still talking about scam, Mmm thank you o, together we can change the world. My friend is expecting his first car next week through Mmm yi noni.

Prince Adogiye Korobo People want the government to stop MMM from operating in Nigeria. The big question is, how do u stop a company that doesn’t have an office in Nigeria nor affiliated with any government institution?…See more Paul Kayo Akhere Government says “Participate in MMM at your own risk”


# This is laughable#

Ameh Peter Ugbede CBN wants MMM to come under its supervision so they can run it the way they are running the foreign exchange. As far as am concern MMM is the only thing working in Nigeria…APC or PDP are all SCAM!!!…MMM all the way!!!…

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Kelly Khutso MMM was recently in south Africa. I was a member lost most of my money. The more ppl join the more ppl up benefit. The ones who join last lost out. There will come a point where ppl just want to take their money and not pay it back. Yes in the beging i…See more

Charles Ukaonu Well, CBN has lost focus and now want to distract Nigerians with MMM story but it will not work. In as much as we are not borrowing banks money to run MMM, I don’t see how this is their business. Living in Nigeria is at the risk of every ordinary citizen except the rich and mighty. CBN, mind your business. QED.

Muel Oluwatobi Adejo The problem is government keeps saying it would crash but has never given a reasonable example of the way it’s gonna crash. Bad belle government. How will it crash when the monies are not being paid to a central account? Mind you MMM isn’t even a busin…See more

Progress Godfrey My problem is, all the wealthy men I know took risks and lost money at one time. But here I see poor men who don’t wanna loose money and so they remain poor. It’s your choice though, but certainly you’ll regret if you register late!

Segun Olusanjo Aworinde basterd, God will punish those who says MMM is fraudulent scheme,when government are unable to help the whole masses,MMM is there bringing poor to a better life,when you thief are there claiming the ownership of national cake as ur father’s property.

Osita Bright Nwachukwu Forking naija for you, dey can’t stop evil in d land rather dey continue to admire it. Tell me who is to stop dis MMM if dey are not good for d mass. I don’t know anything about the company but our Government should stop deceiving us dey have rights to stop and right to allow the company to run in the land.And not be aware.

Egede Ephraim Ndubuisi Mmm Nigeria is a favour that comes to rescue us from Pmb madness, cbn is a ful time fraud of its own, the enemy of mmm Nigeria will die off before mmm, may your prayer to mmm comes back to you in hundred folds, up mmm Perfected Newlife Izuchukwu Hmmmm the government should stop them…. Why are you telling us ? You allow them to take advantage of innocent citizens …. I just pray it wouldn’t crash in this hardship period.

Tobby Maxwell Why you cbn sell dollars to banks 312 and we the mass buy at the rate of 470 IS this not open fraud.. Instead of minding this economy issue..u are talking about mmm

Remedy Ozoemena Igwe-Nwuruku Why did you allowed them to operate in the first instance. Why don’t you stop them instead of all this ranting here and there.


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