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Niger Delta Avengers Threaten to Blow up Oil Blocs Owned by Atiku, Danjuma, Others

Niger Delta Militants

Niger Delta Avengers have threatened to blow up oil blocs belonging to former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Minister of Defence, General Theophilus Danjuma, ex-Minister of Petroleum, Alhaji Riwalnu Lukman, other Northerners and South-Westerners in Niger-Delta region.

According to VANGUARD, in an email statement by its spokesperson, Col Mudoch Agbinibo the group listed some oil blocs they will blow up.

On the strikes of the group, which have devastated oil and gas operations of major oil companies in the region and practically crippled crude oil production, it said: ”From the high command of the Niger Delta Avengers, we congratulate all the strike teams of the Avengers. Without taking any innocent life or that of the Nigeria military, we were able to shut down 50 per cent of crude production.”

”We have been seeing a lot on the media about us. Some are asking, “Who are you avenging?” some calling us empty heads, ex-agitators have been condemning us on daily basis. Our criticizer from other part of the country, we do not have anything to tell you because you clearly do not know how life is in the region. “To our criticizers from the region, we want you to know you are all cowards and afraid to stand for your people.

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“To ex-agitators of the likes of Tompolo, We know why you people are after us. Our agitation is more civilized than yours, the Niger Delta Avengers is more concerned with people of Niger Delta unlike you (ex-agitations) that were into kidnapping, killing of Nigeria soldiers, sea piracy, vessel and tanker hijacking. However, we were able to carry out all our operations without killing a fly. We have sophisticated arms far better than what you use to have during your kidnapping days,” it asserted.

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