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Nigerian Police Officers Brutally Beat, Humiliate Innocent Motorist in Broad Daylight (Video)

Shocking footage shows Nigerian police officers brutally beating, humiliating and physically assaulting a motorist in broad daylight.
After yet another incident involving an Army cadet brutally torturing, beating and punishing a civilian for complimenting a female officer,  another viral video of police brutality has surfaced online.
This time, involving men of the Nigerian Police known for their unusual hostility to civilians and lack of wit. The video shot by a motorist, shows the ugly side of Nigerian police men and those in power who use all means possible to torture, molest, beat, humiliate and kill the ordinary Nigerians.
The video, shows the moment witless Nigerian police men in their overzealous nature tries to impress their superious brutally beat and injure a motorist.
The police men stop the car and come out to beat the citizen like a criminal as their bosses acting like gods take hold of the motorist’s car key, while the policemen beat the motorist with their batons.
See video below:


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