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NLC Accuses Politicians Of Sabotaging Nigeria’s Economy


The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), said high placed politicians are the major culprits of all that is wrong with the country’s economy today.

The president of the NLC, Mr. Ayuba Waba stated this to news men during a condolence visit to the Shehu of Borno, in Maiduguri.

Waba, who was reponding to questions on the purported plans by some states to sack workers because of shortages in their resources, said the NLC remained committed towards ensuring that workers are able to work and earn a living.

“We believe that workers are not actually the problem of the economy but politicians are the problem. Politicians are the major culprits because they mismanaged the economy.

“When we are having oil boom, when we are having excess crude , we couldnt manage it well or invest it and now that we are having shortages in the resources, they shouldn’t blame it entirely on workers.

“Its an issue that all of us will have to work for a solution, but I think the workers should not be seen as the problem, because the earnings of workers when you put it side by side with that of the political office holders,you will see that the politicians are collecting jumbo salary while the workers get stipend “

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“And you can see also that the salaries from the least tiers of government, at the local government level and the legislatures, all of them collect uniform salaries without considering the fact that the state is viable or not.”

He added that “So in the context of this, we have made the argument very clear that we will not allow any worker to lose his or her job on the account of dwindling resources.”

He advised government at all levels to do everything possible with a view to finding lasting solutions to the nation’s economy.

“We have made that very clear. I was in Osun state, Imo and two days ago I was in Plateau and other states to argue the fact that worksers should be seen as an assets instead of a liabilities.”

“We are assets to the society because we generate wealth that actually drives the economy”

“There is no major assets like the human resources, money can only compliment the human resource.”

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