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Oh My! “Nobody Wants To Marry Me Because My Ex Goes Around Saying I Have A Small Pen!s” – Man Cries Out

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A 38-year old South African man, from Uitenhage, Nelson Mandela Bay is being traumatised by his ex-lover who goes round town telling everyone his penis is tiny.

Speaking with DAILY SUN SA, the 38-year old man said, “My ex-girlfriend has made my life miserable.”

“Everywhere I go, this wicked woman is always lurking, hurling her bad remarks in my face. She insults me in public, that I have a small 4-5 and that I can’t poke! It’s been this way since 2007 when I broke up with her.”

”She hates it that I do not give her any attention. I think she feels I owe her money.”

“I was unemployed when we dated and when I tell her I don’t have money to give to her, she starts shouting about my failures in bed. I have approached other women who have shunned my advances, telling me they have already heard of my short CV! I do not deserve this. This thing haunts me and it has killed my self-esteem.”

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On why he has not filed charges against her, he said, “Obviously, they will turn it into a joke.”

Responding to his claims, the ex-lover said, “He always walks with a different woman to the shisa nyamas, but he never did that for me. I will continue to insult him. I am not lying about his 4-5. Even my 11-year-old son’s is bigger than his!”

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