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Ondo Election: Ignore APC Lies, Embrace Transparency and Accountability -Adeyemi Alao

Hon. Adeyemi Alao

There is elasticity to deceit. In order words, there is a limit at which you can deceive a people. How can we live in a country where government is run on pure falsehood? Every policy of the government is shrouded in lies. You lied to us that you were going to appoint ‘Angels’ as Ministers and ended up appointing the same old known people. You told us you were going to do certain things like feeding School Children, paying N500 to unemployed Youths and make one dollar to equal to one  naira only to deny all those promises immediately you got to power. Government is run on the pedestal of sincerity and responsibility not on the basis of lies and continued falsehood.

No doubt, this is a very tough and challenging period for many Nigerians and the people of Ondo State in particular. The past one year under this APC led government in Nigeria has been dotted with lamentations, gnashing of teeth, full of disappointments, unimaginable hardship, dashing of hopes and complete reversal of promises. Certainly, the present despicable and lamentable situation in the country was the least thing Nigerians particularly those brainwashed 15 million Voters who voted for President Buhari bargained for.

However, much as we had expressed skepticism and have continued to be skeptical as to the party’s genuine capacity to lead the country to a safer shore but what actually baffled and keep surprising me is the level at which the party is struggling desperately to use the same lies or peddling of falsehood they used to get to power to also remain in power. Or could this be the reason why there is this maxim that one needs another lie to sustain one lie?

Perhaps, unknown to them that there is this popular saying that ‘you can deceive some people some of the times but you obviously cannot deceive all the people all the times’. When in 2014/2015 the APC members and leaders were aggressively seeking to supplant former President Goodluck Jonathan and his party- the PDP accusing the former President and PDP members of being clueless, incompetent, weak and corrupt among other spurious accusations, very few discerning and informed minds knew then that APC as a  party and its leaders were playing on the intelligence and psych of some vulnerable Nigerians. They promised to make light to shine across the country, water to run on dried taps, three millions of jobs to be provided yearly, 25 million unemployed Youths to receive five thousand naira stipends yearly, NYSC members to have their alowee increased, one dollar to equal to one naira, Chibok girls to be rescued within six months including the automatic stoppage of Boko Haram madness within six months.

They also mesmerized us with the sweet promises that pump price of fuel would be reduced to N40 per litre, that Nigerian school Children would start enjoying one free meal every school day, that workers and pensioners would receive their pay on or before 25th of every Month and above all, that the cankerworm called Corruption would be fought to a standstill among other promises.

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APC Bread

Mr. Metuh accused the APC of consistently making promises to Nigerians which are not practically possible.
He recalled that the APC recently promised that it would pay a stipend of N5, 000 each to 25 million poor Nigerians monthly, which according to him, translates to a total of N125 billion each month and N1.5 trillion every year.
“What is baffling is that the APC knows full well that this is not only unrealistic but also impracticable in a nation with an estimated budget of N4.69 trillion comprising recurrent and capital expenditures yet they continue to dish it out to unsuspecting citizens in a clear bid to mislead,” he said.
He also said the “deceitful” tendency of the APC came to light in its promise to create 740, 000 direct jobs in each of the 36 states of the federation and the FCT within one year while on the other hand promising to create one million jobs for Igbo youths also within the same period.
Mr. Metuh added that the APC has also promised to provide free education, daily free meals for millions of Nigerian school children, free tertiary education, free health care and free houses to Nigerians.
“The opposition knows too well that this is unrealistic yet they prefer to brandish falsehood,” he said.

The Ondo State APC is not left behind in this political empty promises to deceive the innocent populace.

Recently, some agents of APC governorship candidate, Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu (SAN) were caught allegedly distributing loaves bread as campaign strategy to get the vote of the masses.

Hon. Adeyemi Alao

APGA candidate, Hon. Adeyemi Alao, urged the people of Ondo State not to sell their future because of loaves of bread that will satisfy this present hunger and leave them to suffer four years of hunger. He then gave the bane of development of his governance which is based on transparency and accountability.

“The major bane of our development as a state is the secrecy in which government activities are shrouded. This is wrong. Government should be accountable to the people because public office is held in trust”.

A leader is only as good as the people they lead if you are not holding them accountable for what they say, instead you ignore and cheerlead the inaction and hypocrisy, you my friend are part of the problem.

Vote for transparency and accountability. Vote Hon. Adeyemi Alao as the next Ondo State Governor.


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