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Pastor caught sleeping with another man’s wife, read what happened after

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– Pastor flees after being caught pants down with another man’s wife

– Daughter says it has been a usual practice

– Woman allegedly on the run

The house where pastor victor ran out naked. Photo: PM News

A pastor identified simply as Victor, has reportedly fled after being caught pants down with another man’s wife in Lagos.

According to PM News reports, the pastor sneaked into a man’s house to have carnal knowledge of the wife before he was caught pants down in Ejigbo area of Lagos state.

It was gathered that he had already pulled off his pair of trousers but had to run out wearing only his underwear when the husband, identified as Vitalis Okere, barged into his home.

The pastor, it was revealed, had been repeatedly going into the man’s apartment and was always sleeping the woman identified as Chidinma for several months.

Okere, who is a security guard and spends much of his time at work, did not know about the affair when it started until he was informed by his 11-year old daughter.

The man works as a guard in a company and leaves home in the afternoon to return the following morning and when he leaves the house, the randy pastor takes over when their five children had gone to school.

The pair would continue with the act as if they were praying, while the children were locked outside when they returned from school with.

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The eldest daughter was said to have informed their father of the incident and on the day the nemesis caught up with the adulterous pair, Okere pretended that he was going to work and would return the next day and the pastor came as usual, expecting to carry out his practice.

But, the pair were stunned when Okore returned unannounced, met his children outside while the pastor and Chidinma locked themselves inside.

The man asked the wife to open the door but when it was taking too long for her to do this, he forcefully opened the door and Victor rushed out in his pant, leaving behind his pair of jeans trousers and soutane in the room.

The woman reportedly denied the allegations  when her husband confronted her as she claimed that they were just praying when he arrived.

Okere took the clothes to the police station and reported what happened and they were kept as exhibit at the station and Chidinma was asked to produce Victor, who has now gone AWOL.

The woman has since reportedly fled to her home town in Imo state since Wednesday, when the matter was discovered.

Recently, reports surfaced that a Delta-based pastor slept with and impregnated seven single ladies and two married women, all members of his church.

According to The Punch, the man of God simply identified as Dukes has been on the alleged act for over two years, a situation which has led to impregnation of the women.

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