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Photographs And Video: Policeman Gets Seriously Beaten For Pushing Man Inside Gutter To His Death In Lagos


This episode happened at Oshodi, Lagos Friday. Two policemen purportedly pushed a man into a drain while attempting to capture a business transport driver at Oshodi, Lagos state. After the old man was pushed in the canal, he appeared to be oblivious. Witnesses captured one of the policemen while the other got away. They requested that he go into the canal and take the old man out. The policeman bounced in and lifted the old man up, the man’s face was wounded, his eyes were open at the same time, he watched out of it and required quick restorative offer assistance. Nonetheless, as the policeman held the old man, one of the men in the group expressed to kick the policeman in the head.

With the old man as yet being held by the policeman, the furious man in the group, then hopped into the canal and began assaulting the policeman who in the end dropped the old man back on the ground and attempted to flee.

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Facebook client, Peculiar Lekenson, who shared a video from the occurrence, he composed:

“This policeman in a quest to arrest a LT commercial bus push the old man inside d gutter at airport bus stop around 12pm on 26/10/2016. The policeman, his other colleague came in a vanagon bus which they initially arrested then use the same bus to raid on another commercial buses. The other police ran away immediate towards oshodi. While d other in the video attempt to zoom off but was crushed to d wall by the LT bus he was going to arrest”. he said.




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