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PHOTOS: Lesbian S*x, Drug Addiction & Stealing: How Lagos Big Girls Exposed Themselves On Twitter

We have read stories of the crop of society ladies called the Lagos Big Girls right? This new drama gives insight into the other side of the ‘Big Girls’ story many people are yet to read.
Some luxurious lifestyles and s*xual relationships with two crop of society ladies called the Lagos Big Girls, were greatly exposed last night on Twitter and the story is very fascinating as it gave an insight into the other side of the ‘Big Girls’ story many people are yet to read.
According to reports, last night’s stormy drama started after two popular Twitter celebrities Uduak (@Uduakisbae) and Madonna (@6ftHobbit) aired their nasty business on the social media platform, with Madonna accusing Uduak of lesbian s*x, drug addiction and theft.
According to Madonna, she hosted Uduak and another friend called Kimberly in her family home, and after the two females left, she realised that Uduak stole from her.  But that’s not all. Madonna claimed Uduak’s s*exual session with Kimberly, held under her family’s Virgin Mary statue woke her father from sleep.
That aside, Madonna asked Uduak to return her MiFi, barraged her with messages and when she (Madonna) did not get the device back, she took to Twitter to share the nasty details of their relationship.
Surprisingly, Uduak did not deny these allegations, but instead clarified that she didn’t buy the said drugs with her money.
Read their exposing Twitter exchanges below:
Uduak rebutes…
But Uduak’s wasn’t backing down…
For emphasis, Madonna shared screenshots of their chat…
Upset by the nasty details shared on Twitter, especially the photo of Uduak doing drugs, concerned folks alerted the official handle of the NDLEA and the handler quickly responded:

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