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Photos: After one miscarriage, Another Still Birth and One Premature Birth that died, Nigerian Woman Finally Welcomes a Child


I so much love stories like this! Our God is a wonderful one!

Her name is Lola Masidat Kassim and she runs a store at Omole Phase 1, Ikeja Lagos. She welcomed a baby girl a few days in Texas.

Her story:

“I have literally being pregnant everyday of my life in the past 2years…well,had two 6 weeks intervals at some point..Oluwa e seun,omu mi kuro lagan..oso mi di olomo laye (the lord has changed me from a barren woman into a mother at last) grateful lord…would share my story in a bit!#one miscarriage @3months,one still birth @28weeks,another preterm baby @28weeks that died exactly a week after and then here comes this very healthy baby afterwards??????,all within a short period of 3years…I would tell my testimony on @titoidakula’s page soon…I would tell u how I have bin pregnant everyday of my life in the past two years,how I have watched every other woman have a baby after a pregnancy and how I never go home with mine!…God am super grateful…to all of those who are looking up to God…there shall be no more losses…pray until something good happens!…”

She didn’t lose hope after she read Tito Dakula’s story…In 2015, Bez’s wife, Tito, lost her baby

“I remember the day I read ur story about childbirth…I called u and cried…I said to u,am giving up on everything bolatito and u said to me…no Lola,this is devil @work…pls continue to be ur fashionista self…u would tell ur testimony soon Lola..Go on and don’t get tired of being urself!”

More Photos:

Lola and her mum, a few days to delivery

Lola and her mum, a few days to delivery

The Miracle baby

The Miracle baby


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