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Photo: See How A Plantain Thief was Given The Beating Of His Life

The way Nigerian take the laws into their hands at the slightest opportunity is what no normal human being can fathom.

At the word thief, the ire of an angry mob is drawn and they either beat the suspect to a pulp or even go as far as lynching him to death.

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Another of such cases played out once again when this young man, according to eyewitnesses, was allegedly caught stealing some plantains and instead of handing him over to the police and allow the law to do its job, the crowd descended on him, stripped him naked, tied him to a pole and gave him the beating of his life.

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The witness said the crowd pummelled the man with any weapon they could lay their hands on, so mercilessly that he was bleeding through the mouth and the nose, before he was rescued.

If this sort of punishment can be meted out to a plantain thief, what should be done to politicians who embezzle billions of naira from the country’s treasury?

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