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Randy Man Sneaks into Daughter-in-law’s Bedroom, Fondles Her While Half-n*ked

A randy father-in-law has shamed himself after he sneaked into the bedroom of his son’s wife half n*ked and began fondling the woman’s breast while she was asleep.
He even begged her to have s*x with him when the shocked woman woke up. The incident happened in the village of Givogi, Vihiga County, Kenya.
The old man who disgraced himself was caught by angry villagers who nearly lynched him to death but for the intervention of the local chief in the area.
It was gathered that the man had been coming to his son’s house and usually spent some time there before retiring to his own home. The son’s wife had however noticed his compliments about her breast and backside being very big. She let it pass as another talk from the old man.
It was further gathered that the 60-year-old widow, surnamed Oriedo who wanted to take advantage of the fact that the son worked in a far place which does no give him time with his family could not hold back lust anymore. And as it turns out, he has been eyeing the young man’s wife, only identified as Kabeyi.
Considering his son works and lives in Nairobi, the senior citizen had developed a habit of taking meals and spending his evenings at the former’s house, on the pretext of checking on his two-year-old grandson and watching TV.
“He has been a big bother to me. I no longer enjoy peace and privacy in my house because he overstays his visits. Mostly, he eats super in my house and has been behaving strangely of late. He even unashamedly teases me and compliments my behind, making me very uneasy,” the woman said.
“Even when I start dozing off, he is never courteous enough to leave and let me sleep. He, instead, goes on and on with his long-winded stories,” she further laments.
Interestingly, when the startled woman reported the wayward father-in-law to her husband, he (husband) instead quarrelled and told her off. “He warned me against opening Pandora’s Box by saying such things about an old, religious and respectable man, much to my shock,” she says.
On the day of the incident, the woman said she went to bird with her child only to be awaken by a hairy hand she couldn’t believe it. The man was half naked fondling her breast and touching her big bum. She was so surprised.
“I initially thought it was my kid who was cuddling me, only to discover a hairy old man touching me inappropriately and pleading to have his way with me,” she says.
She raised alarm which attracted neigbours who later frog-matched him to the area chief who, out of leniency because of the senior citizen’s age, didn’t want to involve police thus summoned him to appear before an elders baraza, first thing the following morning.
The old man begged for forgiveness and was fined three thousand shillings and two cocks. They also sent the woman’s husband, who has now fallen out of favour with his father, a memo warning him against leaving his young wife in the village.

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