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When You Had S3x With Me I Took Part Of Your Glory – Nigerian Lady Shocked By Her Ex’s Confession


A Nigerian lady, Shade Andrews shared a chilling story of how an encounter with her ex-boyfriend opened her eyes to a lot of things.

She wrote;
‘I met an ex boyfriend of mine today and he shocked me with his words, he kept trying to get s*xual with me and i refused, i told him i had no feelings, I told him i was broken and empty. He looked at me for 2 mins and all of a sudden he said who ever hurt me to be this broken May God punish that person.. he said he was sorry.’ ‘Now listen. One minute this guy was asking for s*x and the next minute he was praying for me, and begging for forgiveness.! At first i thought he was fooling around until he said something to me: Sade your body is the temple of the lord and you are his child, you have Grace upon you, and that is why people try to take some of it off you… ‘
‘When you have s*x with a guy you share this Grace with them, don’t ever let anyone force you to collect this Grace! Don’t let anyone try to make you think it’s your only way out just so they can collect it.’

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‘I was petrified. I thought of my exes and how their life change for the best after i got involved with them. I gave them my Grace, my blessing and in return they gave me their depression because their soul wasn’t saved, their soul wasn’t pure enough to give me peace, they haven’t totally found God, so instead they gave me what they had left but took some goodness from me.
I have never been sexually involved with a guy that hasn’t somehow become successful in whatever they strive for” before or after they met me. I thought of them tonight. He asked me about my nightmares” another surprise cause i never tell anyone about it, told me the reason everything seems so dark is because I’m about to see God shinning light.
I cried all night listening to him talk.

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